*Suspend Your Disbelief*

by The Raised By Wolves

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Written, Recorded, and Produced by The Raised By Wolves

Mixed by Tommy Sherrod at Full Glass in Silver Spring, MD
Mastered by Scotty O'Toole at Omega Studios in Rockville, MD

All Music by The Raised By Wolves
All Lyrics by Dusty Durston

The Raised By Wolves are...

Dusty Durston - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Ben Eskin - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals


released February 10, 2016


all rights reserved



The Raised By Wolves Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Gorgeously Yours
Tell me what the dream was worth
I was only half asleep
I will have to reimburse you

Oh, what human beings will do to one another
Is it a childish thing to tread lightly in your wander

Absolution never comes
By someone else

And I hope the truth it sets you free
If it doesn't bring you to your kness
And I hope the truth it sets you free
Because I know I finally deserve to be alone

Deep blues got deeper, you waved from the shore
As I treaded water and weathered the storm
And when I drowned the dove in and dragged the sea's floor
For the stones in my pockets, the jewelry du jour
Track Name: Oh, Caprice
Traded in my only belt, the laces from my shoes
To move into a little room with a keyhole's view

Of you walking away from who you belong to
The yawning door closes, the walls lean in, but can't keep me warm

My happiness, you see, she comes and goes
Like some conjugal visit
Once bitten, no more shy
You love me then leave me to die
Is this our last goodbye, the kiss off?
Tell me, is it?

Qu'est-ce que je ferais sans toi?
I suppose we'll know tomorrow

Because that mood ring's on the wrong finger
I've seen colors I can't unsee

Will you just please look me in the eye?
Track Name: In The Mirror
I know their god-given names
And how they take their tea
That's why in the land of milk and honey
I'm stuck reading the leaves

Close the blinds
Bathe the room in blue light
Such beautifully doctored excuses
But we're all found out in due time

Night falls again like the blade of the guillotine
Night falls again, yes it falls irrevocably
Night falls again and again and again
Night falls again, I don't know what might become of me

My mother tells me I'm too thin
But all that I cannot stomach's all I keep in
Track Name: Surf's Up
Some nights, the lifers wear leather
But a warm bitch lies better in a shallow grave

We write these lullabies
The kind that keep you up at night
The kind that make you realize
That it's all for naught

Wax existential

Whatever gets them off, I could not care
Their ice cream headache drugs are such a bore
Now Frankie's letting down his bleached blonde hair
It's an ennui wave and the water's warm
Surf's up

Eucharist at the People's Temple
Where the wine is awfully, sickeningly sweet

See the sun's going down in Jonestown
And I'm told there's nowhere else I'd rather be right here, right now
Track Name: Currentz
One day is today
And three days is four less than I need
With bated breath the vampires
Are licking their lips and whetting their teeth

See, I'm in love with a girl
Who makes me question everything I've believed
Who knew I had a heart to break?
Who knew I could be so lonely?

Now it's New Year's Eve
Got in this cab for free
And a late reprieve
God I need an epiphany
To come and comfort me
Because now time's only
What I don't want it to be
So close your eyes, but don't go to sleep
Cherry pick your dreams

One day is today
And three days is four less than I need
Oh, to be free
I would give up damn near anything
Anything but a good night's sleep