Sadie Hawkins

by The Raised By Wolves

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"The Raised By Wolves have found a way to take that decidedly 90′s simplistic pop sensibility and modernize it with a youthful energy and awareness to create a song that feels both classic and refreshing." - All Things Go

"It’s a very melody-driven record, and yet, the material as a whole dodges and weaves in atypical fashion. And this is a very good thing…Listening to Sadie Hawkins for the first time is one of those magical musical moments that just hurtles at you from out of the blue." - Indie-Music

"The Raised By Wolves are two lifelong friends...and on Hawkins that easy familiarity with one another's music styles shine through." - The Village Voice

“Fun-loving indie rock” – The Washington Post


released July 23, 2013


Written, Recorded, and Produced by The Raised By Wolves

Mixed by Keny Ruyter at East Coast Bands in Gaithersburg, MD
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions in Arlington, VA
Album Artwork by James Robertson and The Raised By Wolves

All Music by The Raised By Wolves
All Lyrics by Dusty Durston

The Raised By Wolves are...

Dusty Durston - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Ben Eskin - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals

From the godforsaken basement...


all rights reserved



The Raised By Wolves Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Cowboys, Hombre
Every night I fall asleep
On the promise I alone will die with the secrets that I keep
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed
Hum a couple bars of "you are so beautiful to me..."

Where will I be when that howl fades to a whisper
Thoughts that should be x'd off by now cut like scissors

Can't stop thinking about the things that come in twos
You see, I never looked too good in the black and blues
Or walking a mile in somebody else's shoes
The air may be thin, but you've always got the view

I close my fishbowl eyes
And swallow, there are so many...
And when your life flashes before your eyes
I will wait in the peripheries
Track Name: Stung (Song for Him)
That lead foot could not help itself
I pushed that pedal to the metal
And felt that four on the floor
Five minutes to burn it to that new black
That palm tree ash
Because my present's got a bad habit of turning into my past

What's not quite in our human nature lies
Dormant in our wilderness
Night owls that will live forever
Might never see another sunrise

Drive this car from Los Angeles into the blue
God rest his soul, they moved his tomb to the Louvre
And even when all your nightmares came true
I never meant to hurt you
Track Name: Freddy Freaker
There's no vacancy for young souls, just old breeds
You didn't need much time to pick that lock
Just a chance to turn the key

Another year older, I turn for the worse too
But the hardest part ain't doing what I do, it's watching you

It seems to me to be a scene I could have seen the night before
Just Halloween and make believe from 17 to 34
A photo finish that I could have called right from the start
The time we spent together passes like the time we spent apart

Wallflowers in bloom
Track Name: Broken Neck of the Woods
No one man is an island
So burn every bridge, sink every ship
Because it's when no one wants to be saved
That I refuse to quit

One foot in the grave, but you still have five to go
Run for your life because the sleepwalk will take its toll

Come Thursday, take the bus a few hours south to see you
But you won't look like you used to
Because when it's your daddy's plastic, your mommy's perfume
It's your night until their curfew

Here the trees are few and far between
But they seem as green as they've ever been

Some American girls wish they were French girls
And most American boys ought to blacken out their mirrors
Track Name: Twin Resentful
Look at the stars through the eyes of a stranger
The world, it revolves around black holes on a tilted axis
And now I've got neck pains from perpetual cranes
For a glimpse of that aurora borealis

Lightning rod for controversy
A man worried about his legacy
Descending from the pyramids of Giza
To someone's dirty magazines

And sometimes I wonder
What the weight of the world might feel like
It might feel heavy
It just might hurt

Groomed to be the golden child
The one who could do no wrong
But nobody wants to hear
Such an incessant love song
Track Name: Hand-Me-Down Cardigans
I could never quite pull it off
Because the haircut and painted on jeans
Seemed to be never enough
They said, "you should be ashamed of those teeth
Hide them and stain them with the flavor of the week"
And when they said, "there's nothing new under the sun"
I sang to the moon to turn it blue
And in my veins the tides are coming in
It wasn't so much the spilling as it was the spreading thin

She was standing alone again in that little black dress
And if she became a silhouette, that would have been best
Because I was cut from a different cloth
See, I did not put on airs
I was no one
And she was aware

There lives a stranger inside of me that you will never know
Because a heavy hard heart is worth its weight in gold

I'd never ever leave a stone unturned
And I never didn't love a girl who loved me first
And I could never be your one and only
Be your one and only lonely one
Track Name: Shangri-La-Di-Da
Mary, please marry me
I want to spend all my summers with you
Nothing will suffice in lieu

Some diehards become deadbeats
With a promise they've forgotten but still keep
Wherever I go, wear you like the new black
And those colors run deep, so I'll always run back

Everywhere I go, it reminds me of you
So forget this dog day doom and gloom, this labor day's loom
Because you look good in white
So let's start a new life
One that's different from the one that started when I was
Just shy of nine

Take me to the place where the wild horses run
Because I've waited my whole life to feel this young
Track Name: Strange Acquaintance
Triple six'd revisionists chip, chip away
At the words written in stone
While once hostile apostles
Retreat when the quarterback's overthrown

A butterfly too beautiful not to be framed
So pin her wings down and there she'll stay
Now dozens line the walls of the hallway
It's golden feng shui for when the glitter fades

Now I don't want to dance
Don't want to reminisce
Champagne nostalgia trance
Still it's not you I miss
Because all the girls I went to school with
Their blood, it tastes the same
Track Name: My First Song Was Also My Last
Haven't paid the bills for months
So what do I expect
Not quite in fighting shape
The darkness comes along and I'm a wreck

It may be armageddon
But I'll still sleep till 11
Because when hell freezes over
It'll be awfully congested in heaven

Throw your own change in the fountain
I'm wishing for more of the same
"How have your days been these days?"
I have the broken heart of a lion domesticate

I'd like to be somebody
But nobody who's somebody
Became somebody doing nothing

Crocodile tears fall and flood the Nile
Lend me deaf ears for my teenage rile

It's nothing new
This nothing I do
I watch the TV screen
By the light of the moon